Thursday, March 24, 2011

don't forget

It is, like, totally cold in my house right now and my fingers are frozen and I am having trouble typing.  But I do have a little something to share.  I discovered a band called 'Smoke Fairies' this week.  They are rad and make for great art-making music or just turned-up-really-loud driving music.  Check them out here.

This past weekend was spent in Kansas City with my family celebrating my dad's birthday.  Good times.  And my nieces are both so much fun and so adorably gorgeous.  I love them so much (and yes, I do tend to use the word "so" a lot).  If you could only hear the way Raghen says "Aunt Dana".  It's awesome.

Peighton (the most sensitive little girl - which I love - with the biggest heart, who is obsessed with Transformers) and Raghen (who is currently loving jumping and likes to copy whatever big sissy is doing/saying)

And speaking of awesome, I came across this today...

Great advice and people everywhere will appreciate that about you.


  1. Oh, Dana... :)They love you, too!

  2. yes, Dad. the snow is for real. I took that picture last night around 3:00 a.m.