Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011


This is how my day is looking...

Happy Friday

more? again?

It started snowing last night.  It feels alien.  It is officially spring, after all.  I've been out of the house in shorts.  I've had the windows open for a week.

So I said to God, "Lord, haven't we had enough snow?"

He said, "Nope."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

don't forget

It is, like, totally cold in my house right now and my fingers are frozen and I am having trouble typing.  But I do have a little something to share.  I discovered a band called 'Smoke Fairies' this week.  They are rad and make for great art-making music or just turned-up-really-loud driving music.  Check them out here.

This past weekend was spent in Kansas City with my family celebrating my dad's birthday.  Good times.  And my nieces are both so much fun and so adorably gorgeous.  I love them so much (and yes, I do tend to use the word "so" a lot).  If you could only hear the way Raghen says "Aunt Dana".  It's awesome.

Peighton (the most sensitive little girl - which I love - with the biggest heart, who is obsessed with Transformers) and Raghen (who is currently loving jumping and likes to copy whatever big sissy is doing/saying)

And speaking of awesome, I came across this today...

Great advice and people everywhere will appreciate that about you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

the music never stopped

I can't wait to see this movie!

good stuff

My dad is back from India and he's feeling great.  His birthday is this Sunday. 


I donated a painting to the Omaha Domestic Violence Council for their annual awards luncheon and raffle.  It's the first agate I've painted and I think it turned out pretty great...

'Love Never Fails'


And I can't stop listening to the new Radiohead.  So so so good!  This song is my fave.  Such a killer beat.

Oh, and be sure to look up on Saturday evening to see the super moon!

Yay for the weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011


I started out my week in a pretty good state of mind but as the days went by my mood started to dwindle and now I'm feeling a little bummed out.

Right now my dad is traveling in India and is really sick which makes me sad.  Then there's the news of the devastating earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  Very sad.  And, although this is not really very important, there's a particular album out now of some very beautiful music, but after I really listened to the words I found that they were singing something that just goes against what I believe and now I can't, in good conscience, listen to their music anymore.  Sad and total bummer.

I don't even know why exactly I'm writing this blog post now.  Am I trying to bring everybody down?  Not intentionally.  I guess I am just venting.  Sorry. 

Not everything has been a complete downer this week.

There's this video (sorry about the commercial) that I love because she has an amazing voice - but mostly I think I like her because she looks just like my beautiful friend, Jyme, who I miss very much.

Then there's this video.  Thom, you are so wonderfully strange.  

This painting I love so much.  I wanted to buy it but unfortunately funds are tight right now.  Still, it is so lovely and it reminds me of where I used to live in California, see...

And finally, this quote, which Jen of Swallowfield digitally enhanced.

Ok.  I'm going to go paint now.

happy friday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011