Friday, March 25, 2011


This is how my day is looking...

Happy Friday


  1. what is Lucy doing? Are you packing up your bags...? This picture doesn't say anything...are you traveling somewhere, if so, where are you going? Is that a Rosebud tree in your yard? Ours is starting to bloom, too, and the blooms blow onto the trampoline. Raghen finds the buds and tells me they are bugs! She is a riot! "Ucky! Bugs! Momma throw it off, peez?" "Yook, anover one! Momma do it!?"
    New agate? I don't recognize that one.

  2. Natalia - Lucy is lounging inside my overnight bag. I didn't fully unpack it when I got home from staying at your house and it is Lucy's new favorite napping spot. And the picture speaks volumes as to the cuteness of Lucy, if you ask me. As for the tree, I have no idea what it is.