Monday, February 28, 2011

mad for transformers

My five year old niece, Peighton, is obsessed with Transformers.  She loves Sam because he's "serious".

Me:  You like Sam because you think he's cute, huh?
P:  (annoyed brow furling) No, because he's serious.
Me:  Cute and serious?
P:  No!  Just serious.
Me:  Ok.  Geez.

Her favorite transformer is Bumblebee.  I watched both Transformer movies this weekend (ugh), only so I can keep up with Peighton and her obsessions.  We had the following phone conversation...

Me:  Peighton, guess what?  I watched both Transformer movies this weekend.

P:  Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (very whiny as in “no fair”)

Peighton then proceeds to tell me the plot of both movies as if I've never seen them before.  There was a lot of “autobots” and “decepticons” rapidly flinging out of her mouth in run on sentences.  Finally she had to take a breath so I jumped back in to the conversation.

Me:  Totally.  Yeah, the movies were pretty good.

P:  Did they say a little bit of bad words?

Me:  Yeah, they said some bad words.

P:  Which ones?

Me:  What do you mean “which ones”?  I'm not going to repeat them for you.

P:  Why not?

Me:  (changing the subject) I know you love Bumblebee but I think my favorite Transformer is Optimus Prime.

P:  (shocked and a little testy) Why?!!  You don't like Bumblebee??? (as in, seriously what is wrong with you?)

Me:  No, I like Bumblebee too, but I just think that Optimus is wise and besides that, he's the hero.

P:  No he isn't (getting really annoyed now).  Optimus is dead.  Sam's the hero.

Me:  Yes, but Optimus came back to life and destroyed the Sun Harvester and killed The Fallen.

P:  Yeah but Sam was the one who brought Optimus back to life. (good point)

Me:  Well, that's true.  Ok.  You're right.  Sam is the hero.

So there you have it.  Sam is the hero.  Get it straight.  And don't argue about it.


  1. who is sam?? tramsformers have names like sam, you've got to be joking. maybe sambot or robosam or something like that.

  2. that kid is something, huh? SimplyGrandpa- Sam is the kid who the decepticons are trying to kill and the autobots are protecting

  3. that peighton is pretty awesome! She enjoys all the classics such as back to the future and indiana jones, she is really being brought up right!