Monday, April 9, 2012

blue wall & inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere and I was recently inspired by this photo by Paula Mills of Sweet William. Paula painted one wall blue in this room and I love the warm colors of the furniture and items in the room in contrast to the lightness of the blue wall.

photo by Paula Mills
My inspiration led me to create this feather...

'warm light feather'
Thanks for inspiring me Paula. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

no mistakes in art?

So, this week I've had a little lesson in practicing what I preach.  My 6 year old niece is quite a little artist, but she gets frustrated easily when her masterpiece isn't turning out exactly right.  So I tell her that there are no mistakes in art.  You can always figure out a way to salvage a so called 'mistake'.  Right?  

Yeah, right.  

I was working on a feather with a new color scheme and it was going great until I decided to put carmine red next to yellow orange and it was looking like ketchup and mustard...not what I was going for.  But I loved the top portion of the feather and didn't want to scrap the whole thing.  I ended up cutting away the part I didn't like and finished the feather with pencil.  Now I love it and it sort of represents a sketch turning into a finished piece.  I've aptly titled it "there are no mistakes in art".  I'm going to keep this one as a visual reminder to practice what I preach.

"there are no mistakes in art"

And here are a few feathers that I've just put in the shop.