Friday, February 4, 2011

little artists

I love art made by kids.  They just create.  They don't have any preconceived ideas or fear holding them back.  They don't worry about their inspiration running out or if their art makes some kind of statement.  They just grab their crayons and go with the flow, wherever their imagination takes them.

I recently found a website called Artsonia, which claims to be the “world’s largest kids’ art museum”.  They have over 10 million pieces of art on their site from kids aged pre-k through 12th grade. 

While browsing the site today, I came across a gallery called “Abstract Winter Wonderlands” with artwork created by a group of second graders.  If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that winter has been getting me down lately, but these colorful and spirited “wonderlands” are seriously cheering me up right now. 

Aren't they beautiful?

You can view the entire gallery here.


  1. these are way more colorful than winter whites and blues and greys that most adults tend to connect with winter!!

  2. as one 'kid' to another seems we all like trees. hmmmm...could that have some deep profound meaning??

  3. I love these!!! They cheer me up on a gloomy day. This is the way we should think of winter, especially the snow. It is actually beautiful when you see it falling in the evening particularly the big fluffy flakes. When the moon (or the sun) shines on the flakes they just sparkle and are even a little irridescent!! We just have to look for the 'pretties' in life!!!
    Love, your crazy mom :)