Wednesday, April 4, 2012

no mistakes in art?

So, this week I've had a little lesson in practicing what I preach.  My 6 year old niece is quite a little artist, but she gets frustrated easily when her masterpiece isn't turning out exactly right.  So I tell her that there are no mistakes in art.  You can always figure out a way to salvage a so called 'mistake'.  Right?  

Yeah, right.  

I was working on a feather with a new color scheme and it was going great until I decided to put carmine red next to yellow orange and it was looking like ketchup and mustard...not what I was going for.  But I loved the top portion of the feather and didn't want to scrap the whole thing.  I ended up cutting away the part I didn't like and finished the feather with pencil.  Now I love it and it sort of represents a sketch turning into a finished piece.  I've aptly titled it "there are no mistakes in art".  I'm going to keep this one as a visual reminder to practice what I preach.

"there are no mistakes in art"

And here are a few feathers that I've just put in the shop.



  1. Hey lady! I always love the colors you combine. And YES. I agree. There are no mistakes in art.


  2. P will be proud to see and hear the story behind this one!