Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a moment of peace

So, I've been taking guitar lessons since January - and I am loving it!  It is the most rewarding thing I've done - maybe ever.  And it's probably the only thing, besides art, that I've stuck with for this long.  It brings me so much peace to just sit and strum.


I love when my soul is completely at peace.

I get my guitar and tune it.  I run through all the chords I know...G, C, Em, Am, D, etc., saving the chords that are more difficult to play for last...F, Dm, B, etc.  Lucy hears me and comes running from wherever she is napping in the house, and plops down on the floor in front of me to listen to me play.  I sit by the window with the sun shining on me.  I can feel it warming my hair and my heart.  Then a gentle breeze blows through the open window and I shiver, not from a chill, but from the amazing calmness that begins to fill me.  I play a few easy songs to warm up my frettin' hand and fingers.   I close my eyes and try not to look at the strings - let my fingers find where they're supposed to be.  I begin to work on a particular song that I want to play well.  I play it over and over, stopping to work only on the bridge for a while.  I sing.  I don't know what it sounds like outside the window, but in my head it's not too bad.  I play and play and play and sing and sing and sing.  Sometimes I get a little choked up.  The music is coming from my heart.  From a deep place.  I get completely lost in the moment and in time.  After awhile, my fingers start to ache.  I look up at the clock and realize 2 hours have gone by.  The wind blows on me again.  I shiver.  I am at peace.  I smile.


  1. I love you! It brings great joy to know that you are happy. Reading your blog is something I look forward to. It is quiet in my house. Only me and Tucker are awake, though Jason is home today. Nap time for him and Raghen- the birthday girl! Tucker is watching his reflection in the mirror :) and listening to the keys as I type. This is my peace. :D For now. How would you feel posting a video of your music? Maybe just a sound bite...?

  2. Nat - I love you too and am glad you are having your own peaceful moment. Don't think I'm ready to post any sound bites though.

  3. that sounds just dreamy! Glad you are finding solace in your music too. Wish I had an ounce of your jealous. Kiss Lucy for me :)

  4. none of this surprises me. you're just beginning to tap into the creative gift God has given you. it was so good to see you and raghen at the airpot to greet mom and me. made or day