Friday, January 21, 2011

squirrel day

Did you know today is Squirrel Appreciation Day?! Did you even know there was such a day? I only found out myself a few minutes ago (thanks Andy) and here I could have been celebrating squirrels all day. 
Darn it.

Personally, I like squirrels. I think they’re cute. Then again, I don’t have any bird feeders in my yard. People who have bird feeders seem to have a disdain for squirrels. My dad (who is totally awesome and loves all the other animals) is one of those people who does not like squirrels. I enjoy teasing him about this from time to time. I’ve sent him random emails with pictures of squirrels, mailed him packages with squirrels on the address label, etc. Every Christmas I see a squirrel calendar for the upcoming year and think to myself, “I should buy one for dad” and snicker to myself.

Whenever my dad comes to town to visit me, he comments on the large squirrel population in my neighborhood (it usually involves words like “overrun”, “infested” and “rodents”). So recently I pointed out to him that squirrels are one of God’s creatures and God doesn’t make mistakes. He said it was on his list of questions to ask when he meets his Maker.

Hope you are having a fabulous Squirrel Appreciation Day!


  1. squirrel appreciation day is every day in our home. The girls love watching them. In fact, just today Raghen was playing in the living room and I called her into the kitchen to see the squirrel playing on the railing in the snow. She watched him for a couple of minutes then banged on the window! It was HILARIOUS! She is a riot. She started cracking up and ran off to play some more.

  2. More importantly the "rodent day" its also national hug day. I heard that you need 4 to get by, 8 to maintain and 12+ to grow. Don't know if any of that is scientific fact but i'm just throwing it out there.

  3. the only good squirrel is a d__d squirrel. yes God created them and yes He doesn't make mistakes but He also created snakes and spiders.

  4. I think squirrels are cute too. But they do eat all the bird seed!! It is fun watching them dig in the snow looking for the nuts they buried in the fall. How do they remember where they are? Can they smell them?? Hmmmm???
    mom :)

  5. snakes and spiders...that's what I'll be asking God about.